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Q&A: Firefox 4 – Does it support one process per one tab?

I was expecting firefox 4 will support process separation between each tab as Google Chrome does. But it is not the case for version 4. However the good news is that from version 3.6.4 it has a protection in form … Continue reading

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Skype for Android officially launched

Skype held their promise and launched public version for Android today, here is the link to their official press-release: And here are some more background information: I’m going to try it on my HTC Dream G1 with Cyanogen … Continue reading

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Specification of Skype for Android (2.1) – it is coming…

Despite it is my first blog entry, I think it is an interesting information for a start. I contacted Skype and asked them if Skype for Android is really coming this year and if it will support both WIFI and … Continue reading

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