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Copy on select and right-click paste in Linux (Gnome) terminal

Windows/Putty users get easily into a habit of automatic copying of selected text into clipboard (select to clipboard) and pasting it via right-click. You can see similar features in other terminals, so I was expecting it will eventually land in … Continue reading

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3 unconventional tips to keep your laptop cooler and to extend the battery time

To my surprise I found many tips on the web regarding this topic, but none of them mentioned tips I have for you. So assuming you are following good practice already – such as adding more ram, disabling screen saver … Continue reading

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Linux Mint Update CLI

I like Linux Mint. The only thing which I was missing was command line version of mintUpdate, so I decided to write one. First I started to analyze existing version of mintUpdate (in versionĀ 17.1 “Rebecca”) and then I “converted” it … Continue reading

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Hard-drive partitioning tips for small server running Linux

There are many advices how to partition your hard-drives/SSDs on a small server. However I have learned a lesson which I want to share with you, so you won’t do the same mistake. I do not want to tell you … Continue reading

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Five Million Gmail Accounts and Passwords leaked

Only today I noticed on CNN news that 5 million of gmail passwords were leaked online. I did some investigation and I found that this leak was originally reported on Russian bitcoin forum. They also published list of e-mail addresses … Continue reading

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Installing Sublime Text 3 under CentOS6

I found some guides which did not work for me. Here are steps which worked for me: 1. Download tarball from into your home directory. 2. Unpack (alter name as per your build version): tar -xjvf sublime_text_3_build_3059_x64.tar.bz2 3. Move … Continue reading

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Review of SlimSaber ROM 4.4.3 06/16 on Galaxy S2/GT-i9100

Hello, I still have Samsung Galaxy S2/i9100 and I used ROM CyanogenMod cm-10.1.3-i9100 “stable” which is JellyBean based. My main reason for upgrade was that I not very happy with the battery life and also my internal 1.97GB partition got … Continue reading

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Small review of CyanogenMod cm-10.1.3-i9100 on Samsung Galaxy S2

When trying this “stable” mod, I experienced two battery drainage issues: 1. Media scanner drains battery. Apparently common problem. I found different solutions but the best one I found was to install app called “Rescan Media Root” which disables media … Continue reading

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Comparison: Samsung Galaxy SII – good phone, but could be more original…

After I realized that 192MB of RAM on my HTC Dream/Google G1 is not sufficient for ever growing apps and my battery died, I decided to look around for a new phone. I got a good deal from my provider … Continue reading

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An idea: Support of stopping/sleeping javascript in inactive tabs in browser

I think this stopping or sleeping of the javascript or any other script (like flash) in inactive browser tab or window would have lot of benefits: – It would save CPU load which would have additional benefits: – saving batteries … Continue reading

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