Five Million Gmail Accounts and Passwords leaked

Only today I noticed on CNN news that 5 million of gmail passwords were leaked online. I did some investigation and I found that this leak was originally reported on Russian bitcoin forum. They also published list of e-mail addresses without passwords, but what is even more interesting

– they published the list “” (and inside “gmail.txt”) of e-mail addresses with the first letter of the password.

To download it to check if they had your e-mail and possibly correct password, open forum:

Then find an entry from user “tvskit” and search for “Вот тут файл с логинами и первый символ пароля, скачать” which says “That’s where a file with logins and the first character of the password , download”.

User “tvskit” says in his PS something like “There is no password, won’t distribute , won’t give , won’t sell.” – Let’s hope his attitude will last – especially in country like Russia…

Also many users seem to report that passwords are old. “tvskit” also says in his last post at the moment: “I was approached by people (Russia, Brazil, Italy , India , USA , etc. ) in order to check the password , gave them the first and the last character of the password , type “k ****** 0″. It turned out that of the ten tested , one had a working password . The remaining nine people reported that passwords were old and ranged in age from 1-6 years.”

I have to admit, I found one of my e-mails on the list, but first letter does not match – at least something.

Good luck with yours!

(Google translate was used in creation of this post)


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