Installing Sublime Text 3 under CentOS6

I found some guides which did not work for me. Here are steps which worked for me:

1. Download tarball from into your home directory.

2. Unpack (alter name as per your build version):

tar -xjvf sublime_text_3_build_3059_x64.tar.bz2

3. Move to desired destination, /opt is default:

sudo mv sublime_text_3 /opt

4. Update below file with your favourite editor, I use vim:

sudo vim /opt/sublime_text_3/sublime_text.desktop

In your editor change the occurrences of “/opt/sublime_text/” to¬† “/opt/sublime_text_3/”. If you installed sublime into different directory than /opt, then you need to update /opt part as well.

Also change Icon entry :


5. Create symlink so you see the editor in your desktop GUI (Gnome/XFCE)

ln -s /opt/sublime_text_3/sublime_text.desktop /usr/share/applications/


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