Small review of CyanogenMod cm-10.1.3-i9100 on Samsung Galaxy S2

When trying this “stable” mod, I experienced two battery drainage issues:

1. Media scanner drains battery. Apparently common problem. I found different solutions but the best one I found was to install app called “Rescan Media Root” which disables media scanner completely. I used to re-scan media “on demand” only when I needed.

2. Just by enabling “Show CPU usage” in developer options I discovered there was a another process┬ásystem_server eating my battery. After doing some research, I found it is caused because my “Auto rotate screen” option is on. Once I disabled auto-rotate, this process stopped eating the battery. I normally do not have rotate screen on, so this was fix I could live with.

Also I appreciate per-app “incognito” mode, but I would prefer to have more granular permission control.

So there was time to move on, so check the review of my next Rom…

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